Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning products, have in this day and age, become a major appliance both in the domestic and commercial sectors what was once considered affordable only as luxury by the well to do sector, has become a necessity and affordable to reach everyone’s pocket. Air Conditioning has become part of our life, which has considerably improved our standard of living and will continue to do so, for many years to come.

Air Conditioners come in various shapes and sizes for the consumers requirements, these are normally read in BTUs (British Thermal Unit) and sometimes in other International terms such as KW, which gives the actual power output of the unit. In any case such ratings must be based on laboratory tests in accordance with the specifications recommended by ISO 5151 `Room Airconditioners and Heat Pumps Testing and Rating` or equivalent which is usually printed on the brochure or on the unit itself. This is to ensure that the equipment is rated genuinely and up to the required standards, and that, ‘You are paying for what you are getting’. It is highly important to note that Electra Air Conditioners are Eurovent certified. Eurovent is an independent lab which certifies capacities, COP (performance) and sound levels. Only data shown on Eurovent web site can be acknowledged.


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