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Arjakon Ltd. has been the exclusive distributor for Electra Air conditioning to the Maltese islands for decades.

Electra was originally founded in 1947 and now the Group has a worldwide presence. Via its network of sales outlets, Electra is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of Air conditioning systems adapted to the most demanding markets. Striving for long-term customer relationships, and thanks to our continuous development programmes, we offer a broad range of products for meeting today’s needs, by providing individual consultancy and professional servicing, being an ideal partner for perfect climate solutions in the residential, light commercial and industrial applications. Electra is today one of the global leaders for the manufacture and distribution of high class, environmentally-balanced and reliable Air conditioning systems. Our range of products provide comfort, wellbeing and quality of life, helping to increase people’s productivity. It has today become one of the widest product ranges and distribution networks on the market.

Electra a member of the Elco group and based in Israel, France and many other points worldwide, has for more than 60 years, played a world leading role in the design, production and marketing of Air conditioning products for both home and commercial use. This has elevated Electra to its current prominent position in the European and worldwide markets, which now boasts of more than 3000 points of sale around the world. Electra is providing Air conditioning solutions tailored to each individual market in which it operates. As an internationally oriented company, it has production facilities, development centres and sales branches throughout the world. Our plants all specialise in the production of individual product groups, that to a large extent meet regional market requirements, whilst ensuring that transport distances are kept as short as possible. In addition to our own sales subsidiaries, over 200 distributors in over 80 countries now trust the quality and service of the Electra.

Quality Standard ISO 9001, a certification which speaks volumes for the stringent quality demanded by International standards, was recently awarded to Electra, besides having also CE, GS and many other well known certifications.

At Arjakon particular attention is given to installation, servicing and maintenance. For us it is a must that these are handled with extreme caution, safety and professionalism, ensuring that the end result, a reliable, efficient and durable system.

Quality and Certification

Electra certifies the quality and reliability of all its products and has obtained the most stringent certificates and international quality labels available. Electra applies these standards in its factories with processes certified by world-renowned certification bodies such as AFAQ (France), BVQI (China) and SII (Israel).

All Electra products bear the CE mark. The CE mark certifies that our products meet the EC machinery & Low Voltage Directive. Thus ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of product safety. The CE-mark is placed on the unit by the manufacturer as a symbol of compliance with these conditions.

73/23/CEE: 19th February 1973
89/392/CEE: 14th June 1989
89/336/CEE: 3rd May 1 989

Since April 2002, the quality system of DENV has been approved by A.V.-international to the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC for air conditioners is H. This PED-directive is a harmonization of correspondences in essential demands concerning pressure legislation in the European Community. The European Community has determined legal, regulative and administrative conditions to comply with this directive.

Electra participates in the Eurovent certification programme. Certified products are listed in the directory published by Eurovent. Eurovent is an international organisation of manufacturers, committed to improving the standards of Air conditioning throughout the European market. Members of this organisation voluntarily submit their products to a network of independent approved laboratories for testing and assessment. Participation in this certification scheme enables Electra to guarantee that the product specifications presented in its commercial and technical literature are accurate and unambiguous.

By means of tests carried out by independent laboratories in accordance with ISO or CEN test standards, this programme certifies that the performance, energy consumption and noise levels, etc, of our appliances actually correspond to the technical data published in our catalogues.

The ISO 9001 standard has been developed to define a corporate philosophy that ensures that the final customer purchases only high quality and safe products.

Since 1996, Electra manufacturing processes have been awarded Bureau Veritas International Quality International certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard with regard to respect for the environment.

Electra Air conditioning appliances and systems comply with all European Directives applicable to such products:

EMD: European Machinery Directive.
EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
LVD: Low voltage directive.

Fluid – ‘Innovation only has meaning if it includes respect for the environment’.

All Electra employees take pride in designing, manufacturing and marketing products that always match users’ expectations, and that are respectful of our environment. Therefore, we are always seeking the balance between technology and ecology on all of our products by complying with the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and respect for the environment. In line with this principle and with European directives, in all its appliances Electra uses environmentally friendly fluids that do not harm the ozone layer. An HFC (hydro-fluoro-carbon) type fluid that protects the environment and the ozone layer. Environmental protection and sustainable development have always been at the very core of our design preoccupations.


Since the beginning, in 1947, Electra has been internationally recognised for its high quality standards, sophistication and technical innovation in Air conditioning in both the residential and commercial fields. Our plants implemented long-term goals driven by annual quality objectives to supply premium quality products supported by top level services to fulfil all customer requirements. But quality does not stop at the end of production line. Most advanced control methods and systems are used to set service goals and field quality objectives, and used for highly effective “Field quality Monitoring to continuously improve our products. To ensure this quality level, our factories are certified with ISO 9000 and ISO 9001.

Safeguarding the environment

Electra‘s activities are governed by stringent adherence to international environmental standards. In accordance with this principle and with European Directives, Electra exclusively uses ecological refrigerant fluids of the HFC type in its appliances that do not harm the planet’s ozone layer. Moreover, Electra designs and markets high efficiency products that reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the company’s contribution to global warming.

WEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment)

On 13th August 2005, the new European Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) came into force. The Directive’s aim is to regulate the disposal of electronic waste by separating its treatment from that of household waste. Selective collection systems are being put in place to recover all WEEE with the view to recycling.

This Directive requires Air conditioning appliance manufacturers and distributors to:
– Mark certain models marketed after 13th August 2005.
– Meet financial obligations associated with end-of-life appliance recycling.

As users of our products, and on those products covered by the Directive, you will observe a pictogram (see illustration below) on the Maker’s plate representing a «crossed-out refuse bin». This pictogram is intended to inform the user that the appliance in question must be disposed of separately from household waste. As part of its sustainable development policy, along with the entire profession, Electra is committed to abiding by this new European initiative. Our environment is precious, let’s preserve it.

Manufacturing Facilities and Excellence

The Electra brand enjoys an internationally recognized reputation for quality, sophistication and technical innovation, and provides one of the widest product ranges in the market. It covers all residential and industrial applications, from movable air-conditioners, to innovative inverter split technology units, to environmentally friendly chilled water systems.

With facilities and agencies in more than 80 countries on five continents, the Electra conglomerate is proud to have one of the largest sales and distribution networks in the Air conditioning industry. Its six production plants, including research and development centres, are administered by a global workforce numbering in excess of 2,700. Electra produces more than 1.5 million Air conditioning systems per annum.

With its state-of-the art manufacturing facilities benefiting from the most up-to-date production methods, the Group has 5 production sites throughout the world with a total annual capacity in excess of 2,000,000 units. To meet ever-changing market demands, we have structured our design and manufacturing systems around each manufacturing site’s specialisation.

Tillières (France)
Manufacture of medium capacity chilled water production appliances, chilled water terminals and convector fan.
Surface area: 110,000 m². Annual production: 180,000 units.

Barlassina (Italy)

Manufacture of large capacity Air conditioning and chilled water production appliances up to 1,000 kW as well as convector fans.
Surface area: 50,000 m². Annual production: 30,000 units.

Shenzhen (China)
Production of low capacity residential and semi-industrial appliances.
Surface area: 100,000 m². Annual production: 1,000,000 units.

Pons (France)
Manufacture of medium and large air handling and treatment units.
Surface area: 55,000 m². Annual production: 72,000 units.

Rishon-Le-Zion (Israel)
Manufacture of residential and tertiary sector appliances.
Surface area: 73,000 m². Annual production: 500,000 units.

With over 600 products, Electra fulfils the requirements of 4 major markets:
• Individual Residential
• Collective Residential
• Tertiary and Commercial Sector
• Industrial Sector

Strategic infrastructure realignment

Electra has made significant strides in augmenting its manufacturing processes and procedures, improving employee training, and in streamlining its infrastructure and chain of command. Having established its new headquarters in Europe, management can better feel the pulse of the marketplace and serve its customers accordingly. There is now direct communication between the manufacturing wing, and its central management and marketing wings. The multi-national Air conditioning corporation also invests considerable resources and attention to training its workforce, believing strongly that improving the point of contact between the company and the consumer is the single most important aspect of ensuring the brand’s continued viability.

These streamlined processes enable Electra to turn its attention to leveraging opportunities in high growth market segments. The current emphasis is on large-scale air-conditioning installers serving commercial environments, where purchasing decisions are unaffected by the yearly fluctuations in the weather. Electra continues to be an important player in residential/consumer markets in Europe


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