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Electra offers an extensive range of energy saving air conditioners forming part of ELCO Holding Group, which is a leading manufacturer of air-conditioning systems in Israel, having over 40% market share. It is also a top brand in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and many other European countries. ELCO Holding Group is one of the largest industry companies. It has been a leading brand in Malta for over 20 years and has built an excellent reputation, highly reliable at very competitive prices.

Electra, hi-tech split heat-pump, cooling and heating by reverse cycle air conditioners certified ISO 9002, CE, GS and Eurovent top of the range and environment friendly with the very latest technology features, having heavy-duty characteristics continuous operation, having user-friendly full function advanced remote year round climate controller. The outdoor units have a guaranteed rustproof galvanized body, using double-hardened powder paint and tropicalised to grade A, for desert climate conditions. The evaporator & condenser fins have a ‘Bluefin’ Hydrophilic coating treatment promoting the flow of condensates, while also providing corrosion protection to maintain performance levels and increasing the service life. These units have a High Energy Efficiency Ratio rating, according to EU Directive 2002/3/EC, thus saving at least 30% of electricity, when compared to conventional units. Electra models are super-silent also having powerful continuous running motors, using the latest environment friendly R410A Refrigerant and Technology, with advanced infra-red remote climate multi-control and high-efficiency air filtration. All having four operating modes as standard, namely, Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifying & Fan.

The following Advanced Functions, added Features and Benefits are included across the Electra range of products:

Super Silent – very low noise levels for added comfort

‘Hold’ Button – to un/lock the buttons of the remote control

Auto Restart – function allows the AC to restart after power failure keeping the previous set up mode

Timer Programme – provides for deferred, or programmed, unit ON/OFF control and results in optimised user comfort along with energy savings

‘Sleep’ Mode – this function adapts the night temperature in an ideal manner, whilst reducing consumption and creating energy savings of up to a further 7%

‘I Feel’ Function – this innovation from the Electra R&D department enables the temperature measurement point to be transferred/moved for improved temperature control making the AC more economical

Split Range of electra (On/OFF) fixed speed systems

An indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit and a room is thus air conditioned. There are two types of split-air conditioners: “ON/OFF” units (fix speed units) and inverter units (variable speed units).This inverter technology sets new standards and fulfills the highest possible demands on heating and cooling. The inverter system with its variable need-driven compressor guarantees optimum control of the temperature and the air moisture.

The new design has an elegant design which is compact and lightweight for easy installation and maintenance. The range has cold and hot automatic regulation with high efficiency filtration and high EER. The range operates on R410A “green” fluid with energy label Class A for most of the range. Also, having automatic vertical treated air sweeping with electronic regulation and programming. These products are super silent and have a very low noise level compressor.

Split Range of ELectra dc inverter systems

The Electra DC Inverter High Technology pushes back the limits of perfection, and guarantees the very best air conditioning performance having a far higher COP, Energy Efficiency Ratio rating, when compared to fixed speed systems. They not only save a great deal of energy consumption but also provide an excellent sound performance and a high flexibility by providing the quickest and most comfortable cooling operation whilst saving on your electricity bills!! These are presently by far the most economical, cleaner and safer form of cooling, heating and dehumidifying, using the latest environment friendly R410A Refrigerant and Technology, with advanced infra-red remote climate multi-control and high-efficiency air filtration.

The main advantages of Electra DC Inverter systems are:

Saving on Electricity Consumption – compared with a traditional fixed speed system, DC Inverter Technology controls the electrical frequency of the compressor by supplying only the required heating or cooling load compared to a fixed speed system supplying maximum load in an on/off regime. When less power is needed the frequency is lowered, reducing electricity consumption by as much as 35% to 40% when compared to fixed speed systems. The key factor is that the inverter can control and adapt its running speed according to the room temperature requirements. By avoiding compressor start-up and stoppage phases, consumption of energy is thus far less helping you save on electricity bills!

Unequalled Silent Running – by reducing its speed, the inverter provides much better sound performances compared to fixed speeds systems where the compressor is running full speed all the time.

Rapid Reach of Temperature – DC Inverter systems reach the set temperature faster due to the high frequency operation at start-up, increasing cooling/heating capacity by 30% to 50%, reaching set temperature in half the time. Once the temperature set is reached, the inverter will reduce and adapt the speed needed to obtain capacity needed only.

Superior Temperature Setting, more Precise and Comfortable – due to the variable volume of cold or hot air delivered according to the demand. The Inverter’s unique frequency conversion technology ensures that deviations from the set temperature are minimized without having to frequently switch the unit on and off. The room temperature fluctuation is kept within a minimal +/- 0.5°C range, which adds to the high standard of comfort.


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