Have you ever asked yourself how does an Air Conditioner work?
Air-conditioning is a simple idea, and a widely tested and very reliable environmental friendly technology. An air-conditioner operates on the same principle as a refrigerator. The system is based on the use of a refrigerant circulating in a closed loop inside the air conditioner, which absorbs the heat (calories) present in the room to eject them outdoors. In winter, by reversing the operating cycle, the air conditioner “pumps” calories from the outdoor air to restore them indoors. The system can even operate with outdoor air temperatures as low as -15° C. This is known as a “Heat Pump” system, and is a genuine heating system offering the same performance as traditional systems, but at a lower cost.

An Air Conditioner has 4 separate operating phases, as follows:

The compressor compresses the refrigerant and raises its pressure and temperature
While passing through the condenser, the heated refrigerant yields part of its calories to the hot surroundings with a lower temperature
The expansion phase reduces the pressure of the fluid, and consequently its temperature
When it passes through the evaporator, as its temperature is lower than the cold surroundings, the fluid picks up calories and cycle starts again
Is an Air Conditioner easy to use?

Yes, Electra air conditioners are equipped with an infra-red remote control to make everyday use that much easier. With their compact and ergonomic design, Electra infrared controls offer excellent user comfort. Combining modern design with high technology, these very easy to use remote controls have a range of up to 8 m and offer a host of functions.

Technology has advanced in such a way that anyone can operate, set or select the many available function by wireless remote control, which also conveniently features an LCD display showing such functions. With these remote controls, users can select the operating mode (Heating-Cooling-Dehumidification), choose the set temperature point, fan speeds or air sweeping options, and also programme a host of advanced functions such as:

Night running – This function adapts the temperature for ideal night time rest conditions for the user and contributes to energy savings. Both in Heating and in Cooling mode it is possible to programme 3 set temperatures automatically. Energy consumption reductions amount to 7 % per degree, representing considerable savings.

“I FEEL” Function – This innovation from the Electra R&D department enables the temperature measurement point to be transferred for improved temperature control.

Programming – The microprocessor automatically manages air conditioning for maximum user comfort. The Timer enables the unit to be programmed to switch itself on and off as and when required, thereby contributing to optimal energy consumption.

What about Saving Energy?

Thanks to the thermodynamic technology used in air conditioning systems, it is possible to recover the natural calories present in the air or the ground. Accordingly, this technology enables you to achieve a significant reduction in your heating bill while benefiting from the comfort of air conditioning, particularly during the summer. In order to validate these claims in real conditions, Electra has carried out several field studies in partnership with technical engineering and design offices, energy suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

Electrical power consumption and noise levels have been dramatically reduced in the last few years to meet the EU Legislation and Energy Conservation Efficiency has become of prime importance, particularly to the reverse cycle heat pump operation, which produces circa three times as much output power as electrical input power and lower consumption electric motors, which result in very low consumption.

Furthermore, the Electra DC Inverter High Technology pushes back the limits of perfection, and guarantees the very best air conditioning performance having a far higher COP, Energy Efficiency Ratio rating, when compared to fixed speed systems. They not only save a great deal of energy consumption, but also provide an excellent sound performance and a high flexibility by providing the quickest and most comfortable cooling operation whilst saving on your electricity bills!! These are presently by far the most economical, cleaner and safer form of cooling, heating and dehumidifying, using the latest environment friendly R410A Refrigerant and Technology, with advanced infra-red remote climate multi-control and high-efficiency air filtration.

Air quality?

We spend a large part of our lives indoors, and we must therefore pay attention to the quality of our indoor atmosphere. Nowadays, air conditioning goes far beyond its original function of just maintaining a comfortable air temperature, and makes it possible to decrease the air’s relative humidity.

Controlling air quality also means removing unpleasant odours, reducing static electricity and preventing the appearance of dust mites. These factors genuinely contribute to improving the quality of the air that we breathe and participate in safeguarding our health. Consequently, air quality is one of ELECTRA’s priority concerns and our engineers endeavour to develop high performance systems to be integrated into our appliances.

Standard filters or pre-filters: eliminate the largest particles (dust or other impurities). They are re-usable (cleaned with soapy water) and a warning light tells you when they need cleaning. Active carbon filter: Specially designed to neutralise unpleasant odours (tobacco, cooking, domestic pets), this photo-catalytic type filter should be placed in the light every 6 months to restore optimal efficiency.

Active electrostatic filter (ESF):  With this filter, electrically charged particles are attracted by a series of polarised plates that trap and collect dust, pollens, mites, bacteria, tobacco smoke, etc. Its original efficiency can be restored simply by washing it with water.

The air conditioning is noisy?

Since 1999, the standard acoustic pressure level generated by a domestic air conditioner is limited to 35 dB (A). Over the past ten years, thanks to the progress made by ELECTRA in terms of soundproofing, air conditioning noise levels have decreased considerably. Currently the noise level is equivalent to that of a micro-computer, not forgetting that, in a noisy and polluted environment, air conditioning enables you to keep the windows closed.

Air quality also means silence. ELECTRA has focused on the choice of its components as a way of achieving even quieter air conditioning.


In our Outdoor Units, some of the noise reduction solutions integrated in our systems include: helicoidal fans made of sound-absorbing materials, aerodynamic design, rounding-off the leading edge of the fan blade, studies on the optimum number of blades required and lower rotational speeds.

In the Indoor Units, the growing use of aerodynamically-designed and large diameter tangential fans improves the heat exchange process and decreases the noise level, to create a comfortable and quiet environment.


Rotary and SCROLL compressors are being increasingly used in air conditioners as they offer higher energy efficiency and are quieter than traditional compressors.

In addition, INVERTER technology offers closer control over fan operating speeds, and provides for increased flexibility and quieter operation. Inverter compressors control the speed of the compressor. Indeed, controlling the compressor speed allows even higher energy savings and quieter ACs.

Compressors are also getting smaller, and result in more compact designs that blend in better with their surroundings.

What are the main advantages of Electra DC Inverter systems are?

Saving on Electricity Consumption– compared with a traditional fixed speed system, DC Inverter Technology controls the electrical frequency of the compressor by supplying only the required heating or cooling load compared to a fixed speed system, supplying maximum load in an on/off regime. When less power is needed the frequency is lowered, reducing electricity consumption by as high as 35% to 40% when compared to fixed speed systems. The key factor is that the inverter can control and adapt its running speed according to the room temperature requirements. By avoiding compressor start-up and stoppage phases, consumption of energy is thus far less helping you save on electricity bills!

Unequalled Silent Running – by reducing its speed the inverter provides much better sound performances compared to fixed speeds systems where the compressor is running full speed all the time.

Rapid Reach of Temperature – DC Inverter systems reach the set temperature faster due to the high frequency operation at start-up, increasing cooling/heating capacity by 30% to 50%, reaching set temperature in half the time. Once the temperature set is reached the inverter will reduce and adapt the speed needed to obtain only the required capacity.

Superior Temperature Setting, more Precise and Comfortable – due to the variable volume of cold or hot air delivered according to the demand. The Inverter’s unique frequency conversion technology ensures that deviations from the set temperature are minimized without having to frequently switch the unit on and off. The room temperature fluctuation is kept within a minimal +/- 0.5°C range, which adds to the high standard of comfort.

The following are a few misconceptions about air conditioning in general:

“Air conditioning is expensive”

The cost of air conditioning depends on the layout of the premises. You can find good air conditioning systems for as little as a few hundred euros, including installation. Moreover, you can start your installation by just air conditioning one room (living room, bedroom) before extending it to cover the rest of your home. Finally, you can achieve substantial savings on your heating bill with a Heat Pump air conditioning system (3 kWh of heat recovered for every kWh of electricity consumed).

“Air-conditioning relates only to new buildings”

An ELECTRA solution exists for your project, both for new and existing properties. Whether you live a large or average-size property in the town or in the country, in a house or an apartment, with a modern or traditional interior, ELECTRA has the right solution for you. Moreover, the systems offered by ELECTRA are easy to install in both new and existing properties, with the minimum of work.

“Air conditioning carries bacteria and encourages the spread of Legionnaires’ disease”

Legionnaires’ disease only spreads in the presence of stagnant water and this is impossible in systems with closed-loop water systems or air distribution systems. In addition, air-conditioning does not just cool the air (or heat it, in the case of Heat Pump appliances), it also purifies it. Thanks to their sophisticated filtration systems, ELECTRA air conditioners remove smoke, pollen and other impurities from the air that are often the cause of allergies and respiratory problems. Air conditioning filters the air and captures particles and bacteria. It minimises dust settling on the floor and furniture, helps to clean the air and, consequently, contributes to healthy living.

“Air-conditioning is only useful in the summer”

With Heat Pump air conditioning, the system will provide all year round comfort. It fulfils two functions: cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Over time, Heat Pump air conditioning proves to be extremely economical.

“Heat Pump air conditioning is just a temporary means of heating”

Heat Pump air conditioning is a fully-fledged heating system. During the winter, in heating mode, you can heat your home with air conditioning in the same way as a traditional heating system. You will enjoy unequalled air quality and evenly-distributed warm air. The system even operates at outdoor temperatures as low as – 15°C.

“Temperature changes are bad for your health”

Extremely hot days are harmful to health. To combat the heat, our body directs our blood supply towards the skin and, accordingly, our muscles and cardiovascular system receive a lower blood flow. This can lead to faintness, tiredness and a marked slowdown in activity, particularly with children and the elderly. For this reason, air conditioning is a positive contribution to our wellbeing and, in reality those illnesses attributed to air conditioning are actually due to poor system maintenance or incorrect settings. They often originate in centralised, run-down and poorly-maintained installations.

In contrast, an individual air conditioning system installed and regularly maintained by an approved professional will create a clear improvement in your health: better air quality, better resistance to stress and less fatigue. The regulation system included with every system enables you to programme the temperature that is just right for you. In the summer, to avoid a feeling of moving from a hot to a cold environment when entering or leaving a room, the indoor temperature should be set no lower than 7° C to 9° C below the outdoor temperature.


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