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Olympus Solar Water Heaters are manufactured by “SOLE”, established in 1974 in Athens now having over 35 years experience. It was the first solar water heater manufacturing company in Greece and in the European Union, that dealt in the field of renewable energy sources, and has continued to play a leading role in today’s solar energy system market.

The SOLE Solar Water Heater and Electric Boiler Manufacturers in Athens Greece has used solar energy in the most efficient way by producing high quality products in the field of solar water heaters, electric water boilers, central heating and cooling systems, with the help of its high-standard technological equipment, and the vast experience of its executives.Sole exports its products to countries all over the world like Spain, Germany, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia , Korea, Malaysia, Italy, France and many many more. These export sales today represent 70% of their total sales.

Landmarks in the History of the Company:

1974Panos Lamaris establishes the 1st solar production company in Greece and the European Union. The same year SOLE S.A. produces the well known solar water heater “HELIOTHERMO”.
1975The company innovates and applies the closed circuit thermosyphon system for the first time in solar water heaters. Today this system is used by all other manufacturers. The same year and for the first time in Europe SOLE S.A. installs a central solar water heating system in a large hotel.
1979SOLE S.A. installs a solar central heating system covering 90% of the demand of the building for the first time in Greece.
1983SOLE S.A. presents the revolutionary (at that time) model “JUNIOR” with an integrated collector and boiler satisfying even the most demanding aesthetic requirements.
1986SOLE S.A. creates the “LECTRON PL-1” electronic thermometer. This thermometer indicates the temperature of the water in the solar system on a display panel inside the house.
199310 years later, the “JUNIOR” model is re-developed & renamed “ALPHA” which wins a competition held by the Ministry of Industry.
1994SOLE S.A. expands internationally and exports its products to countries like Spain, Germany, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Korea, Malaysia, Italy, France and many more. Today 70% of SOLE’s products are being exported abroad.
1996SOLE S.A. produces the “EUROSTAR” thermosyphon type solar water heater.
1999SOLE S.A. completes the internationally innovative project – “Solar Air Conditioning COOLING and HEATING” by solar energy with climasol (selective) collectors.
2000SOLE S.A. continues to execute among others, 2 more projects in Crete for Solar Air Conditioning.
2001-2004SOLE S.A. keeps expanding its products to continuously more and more countries around the world.
2005SOLE S.A. develops a new universal support frame for its thermosyphon system that can be applied to all systems, for flat and tile roofs.
2006-2008SOLE S.A. exports 70% of its products in 35 countries while maintaining its leadership in the Greek market.
2008SOLE S.A. delivers another big project in Hungary for solar air conditioning.
2009SOLE S.A. conquers the skies by supplying the solar system to the highest building in the world (BURJ KHALIFA in DUBAI).


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